With the projected snowfall for downtown Toronto hitting 15cm for Friday night, an ugly side of Toronto’s cab industry is sure to rear its ugly head this weekend.  Cabs are once again turning down fares after 2:30am on friday and saturday nights leaving many people too drunk to drive home stranded and stumbling on the streets of Toronto.  We contacted Toronto Police about this and they said what they are doing is in fact ‘illegal’ and we should take down any cabs number that does this, or flag down a police officer near by.  “It’s ridiculous that we rely on these people as a means of transportation to get home and they turn us down cause the fare isnt far enough.” says Ryan Elliot, a frequent weekend clubber in the City of Toronto.  Not sure what we can suggest, but as someone on Facebook just commented, just tell them you’re going to Oshawa, then once you’re in, tell them where you’re really headed to.

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