Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know who this generations equivalent of Hugh Hefner is for the average guy.   Dan Bilzerian is the guy every dude with a pulse wants to be.  Partying all the time, hanging out with the hottest chicks, has all the best toys.  Work hard, play harder.  If you have Instagram, you need not do more than follow him for a week if you don’t know who he is. 

     Which gets us to this.  Who is Toronto’s equivalent of the GOAT?  We’ve tracked down the top 2 this city has to offer that make all dudes drool and make people strive to be cool.


Mark Holland’s daily routine oozes luxury and extravagance. One of the
founder’s of Toronto’s leading marketing and events company Kleen Media,
Mark takes advantage of his tough-guy personality to facilitate the
business side of his company.

Epitomizing the ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle, after a day spent
planning high-end events, Mark can be found at Toronto’s elite nightclubs
every night including The Thompson Hotel, Bloke & 4th, Brassaii, EFS,
Cabana and Uniun—constantly inhabiting the best spot in the club surrounded
by Toronto’s exclusive crowd and most beautiful women.

Adventure is a staple in Mark’s life; he endlessly travels to the world’s
most coveted locations only staying at the best hotels like Encore, Dream and W.
Open for anything, Mark can be found in SoHo, New York one day and at the
gun range with his friends the next.

During his downtime, Mark feeds his lavish lifestyle with frequent trips to
Yorkville to replenish his ever-growing designer wardrobe, indulging in
some of his favourite labels Common Projects, Balmain, Brixton, and Rick
Owens. He works on his physique with continuous sessions at the gym and
often lunches at Toronto’s hottest restaurants like Hudson Kitchen.

And on Sundays, his only day off, he takes a short drive in his Range Rover
to the Ritz Spa or the Four Seasons to unwind before the beginning of
another week of luxury.  – Ana Balmazovic

Jay T Warsh


JayT Warsh otherwise known as the “BRAND” is a Legend in City of Toronto Ontario Canada.   His 16 year nightclub career was Epic, people still to this day speak of his legendary events.   When The Brand walks into a room, all eyes are always on him.  His respect is worldwide, working with the Greatest Fighters in the UFC, such as Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans,  Wanderlei Silva, Ken Shamrock and Alistair Overeem.   

  JayT is the Man who is responsible for the VIP Services for these global superstars.  On the side he has a successful  million dollar  custom home building company in Oakville Ontario Canada, The Warsh GROUP.


 A typical Week for The Brand is truly blissful.  He is his own BOSS, so he answers to no one but himself.  A typical day consists of Intense Kettle Bell or Strength & Conditioning with his personal coaches Tony Wallace & Steven Wong,  followed by a trip to the SPA for either a massage, pedicure, facial or tan.   In the evenings he entertains his close inner circle of friends at his custom built estate or wines and dines his closest and most respected girlfriends at the cities best restaurants. 

 On the weekends The Brand makes his way to his gorgeous cottage on the lake up north, where he boats, jets ski’s, tans and cooks for his girlfriends.  

  JayT is currently single and will not settle until he finds a woman who can bring something to his table,  he is 38, Trinidadian & Portuguese Decent,  Successful and Has Serious Net Worth.    

  You can Follow The Brand  “JAY T”  Facebook – JayT TROPIX Twitter – @JayTWarsh Instagram – JayT TROPIX

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