Charles just gets it … Toronto has moved past nightclubs and I called this 3 years ago, that this is what people want and will want more of. Other than for specific special events, traditional nightclubs are toast …. hence my motto of what I said I was going to do … “On To The Next One”

If you want to be in the nightlife business here in Toronto in the future, study how to blend food + drink + entertainment + decor + how to bring in the ones reaching for a lifestyle they don’t deserve yet. But you have to watch that food cost. Focus on small menu with small plates. Spend on decor. Make sure you can ignite word of mouth or don’t even think about it. Promote your chef and staff more than your dj (sorry dj’s lol). Keep your promoters on a leash IF you need to have any. Hire a mixologist and have creative drinks, bottle service is pretty much toast. Signature drinks are the way to go.

I hate to say this, I really do … but understand who you are dealing with. Remember it’s not that hard to manipulate a market. Remember MOST (NOT ALL, I SAID MOST) of those hot women are pretty broke, and most of the guys are reaching, really hard. BUT! … they will live in a small rental based on it’s address so they can afford to be seen in the right place … and that trend has a long future in Toronto until it goes back to what it was.

Naveen Sharma

(former nightclub owner / now owner of Grand Vista Realty Inc)

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