If you’re anything like me, you immediately regret last nights debauchery as soon as you get up in the morning every weekend.  Thats why when I heard Zark Fatah, a nightlife pioneer in the City Of Toronto had been seen peddling a new product that promised to cure us all of the price of that fun I was itching to sit down with him and get the scoop for you all.  Luckily Ive known Zark for years so he immediately returned my call and sat down with me as soon as he arrived from the Junos.

What made you decide to come out with this?
As a nightlife veteran of 20+ years I have caused many hangovers in my time. Myself personally am not a big drinker due to the fact that I like to wake up feeling sharp and fresh. Even if I have a few glasses of wine I wake up groggy and slow. Hangovers have been a problem since the day alcohol was created yet there hasn’t been a go to cure for a hangover so we decided to create something to prevent a hangover from happening.
Were you there for the concept stage or someone brought you in after to market it?
I have been a part of the project from day 1 and my connection to the fitness world is what originally initiated the project. I am the Marketing Director for Over EZ and plan and execute all the marketing initiatives.
What is in it that makes it work?
To put it in the simplest terms, alcohol creates a toxin in your body that is essentially responsible for many of the hangover symptoms (head ache, nausea, etc). Our formula allows your body to flush out this toxin faster so you still get intoxicated but you recover from the alcohol waking up feeling much better than you normally would. Our product is super easy to use and very convenient. Only 1 Over EZ needs to be taken with your first drink or during alcohol consumption. Our formula contains the ingredients; zinc, magnesium, vitamin B combinations, amla extract, chinese date, beet juice as well as chicory root and milk thistle which also protect and repair your liver from the alcohol damage. 


Clearly this can be marketed anywhere on the planet, do you plan to expand everywhere or just concentrate it on the north american market?


We are registered and authorized for sale in the US and Canada and are focusing on Miami, Toronto and Los Angeles at the moment. We have also applied for Spain, Israel and the UK. We have also had interest from the UAE, Australia, Columbia and Greece for Over EZ. Eventually it will be a global product.


Are there different ‘flavours’ so to speak? 


There are no flavours or variations for Over EZ. It’s a capsule so there is no taste. We are working on 3 other lifestyle supplements at the moment but we will not release those until Over EZ takes off and is being sold to the masses.


Where can people get it now?


Over EZ is currently available on-line HERE.  Over EZ is available in Toronto at Hammam Spa (602 King Street West) and the Gotstyle stores 
(62 Bathurst St / 21 Trinity Street). In Miami it’s available at Pura Vida Cafe (110 Washington St) and Anatomy 1220 (1220 20th Street).
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