Who better to know than a nightclub promoter how bad people are when the time to go home comes and they’ve had a few drinks.  Thats why it seems like a natural fit for someone who works in the club scene to see their new venture as a way to let their customers get home safely after a night on the town at one of their parties.

We tracked down Medo Elmoslemany, a nightclub promoter in Toronto to talk about his new venture, franchise owner for DriverSeat Inc. for downtown Toronto.



What made you choose this as your next venture?

I was looking for a new business venture and the Driverseat Franchise opportunity is one that stood out.  While the business and opportunity is significant, the fact that I could own and run a great business while improving the safety in Toronto means a lot to me. We provide an option for people who have been drinking, so that they don’t need to think about driving home.  Some years ago I was injured by an impaired driver and I don’t want anyone to have to experience what I experienced.  As a result, the purpose behind what we do at Driverseat means a lot to me.


As a Promoter, do you think it gave you a special perspective as to how this can be useful to the general public?

As an owner of a promotion company that has been in business for many years, I have seen people either pay for parking overnight or leaving the club and get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have been.  It was my goal to find a solution for this issue and Driverseat is the solution.


How easy it is for someone who already is drunk to get your service or do they need to plan ahead?

While it is always beneficial to plan ahead, we offer a mobile app that allows anyone to request and pay for service from any bar or restaurant.  However, we are the only transportation business that allows customers to book ahead for busy nights like New Years.


Will you be still promoting or are you leaving that behind and focusing on this new project?

The great thing about Driverseat and the service I am offering is that it goes hand in hand with my promotions business.  These two compliment one another so I will be focused on both.


Where can people set up an account right now if they are reading this?

There are several options to get set up.  You can download the app (Driverseat) and get registered and businesses or families can contact my business to set up an account for family members or employees.  My email is Toronto.nw@driverseatcanada.com and my phone number is 647-360-7979


Whats next for Medo Elmoslemany?

Just out there saving lives and helping the community !

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