Not only has Moses Sousa been taking pics in nightclubs throughout the GTA longer than anyone else, he’s been doing it with what seems like an impossible challenge to overcome.  This is an unbelievable story that we have to share with the world.

You’ve been taking pics in the club scene longer than anyone else, how do you stay motivated?

Well sometimes it’s difficult, but what motivates me is the available ongoing opportunity to be able to try new things every once in a while; such as trying new effects in editing or changing my style of shooting. I enjoy taking pictures of people and making them smile and feel great about themselves.
It feels great getting a shot of someone who said “no” earlier because they may say that they are “not photogenic”. But as long as you reassure them that you will show them the picture I took and if they don’t like I will respect their wishes and delete it. It’s funny how many times I take a picture and show it to them and they end up saying “I love that pic”. I was one of the first guys doing club photography in the Toronto Club Scene and I am still doing it and this is the other motivating factor that keeps me going.  Also, having an amazing wife and family helps as well.

Not many people know this, but you’re legally blind. Right now people are asking, “How can a blind guy be a photographer?” How is this possible?
First off, I don’t like it when people say to me “oh your blind” or “how can u be blind” or “how can you take pictures” Well I am not blind but I am legally blind. I have less than 20% remaining vision, those red glasses I wear are not a fashion statement as some think. Unfortunately they can-not and do-not correct my vision in any way, I am very light sensitive and I wear them to protect my eyes from all the bright, flashing light that can be very harmful to me. Without adequate protection from light I would suffer serious chronic migraines daily, the glasses shield some of the damage so that I don’t get migraines as often. I guess I see things somewhat differently from other people or from a different perspective, I do tend to see a little better in low light. Honestly the only answer I can give is… I just do it. I don’t know how, but I do…


Did you go to school for photography or you just learned on the fly?

No, I learned all my skill in event photography on the fly. I don’t think I could have done it in school being legally blind; I mean how can you teach me something so visual.


How difficult is it to shoot in a nightclub? I’m sure there is nothing that compares to it.

I tell all my photographers if you can shoot in a nightclub you can shoot anywhere.
Every night we are faced with a number of difficulties such as; having to deal with bad lighting, fog machines, drunk people, cramped quarters and trying to satisfy and fulfill certain demands from clients, making sure that they are satisfied with the end result. If you do a great job and the client is happy they may mention your work to other potential clients that are looking for something better or different. A good reliable reputation is very important to your success as a photographer.

I’m sure there’s more to it than just taking pics of hot girls and drinking for free. Can you let us know exactly how much work goes into creating that one gallery for the club?

Most people think it’s easy to be a photographer, you just go take a few photos and upload them. This is so far from the truth at least when it comes to me that is.
I try to make each gallery tell a story of the night I don’t just post pics of people posing and smiling. My job doesn’t end at the end of the night, that is when it continues on behind the scenes where I do all the required editing. Editing for me is more than just putting every pic through the same filter. I put a few different edits on some pics I crop and filter some of the photos, I go through the photos one by one, no batching and I randomizes the order (witch I wish more photographers did) of the photos then I tag them with logos and uploading them. Each individual gallery I work on takes up multiple hours and if I am doing multiple galleries I’m sitting in front of the computers through the night or through the whole next day, until I have to go out to work the next night again.

Do you do any other types of photography during the week? I’m guessing your weekends are fully booked in nightclubs.

I shoot any and all types of photography. I enjoy doing photo shoots either in studio or on location. I even do a little real estate stuff it goes hand in hand with my printing business.


With the advent of point and shoot cameras, and now everyone’s phones, do you feel the time of the club photographer is coming to an end? I remember back in the day that guy used to walk around clubs selling Polaroid’s for $5. Come to think of it, you probably put that guy out of business. lol

I actually do remember him from Fluid lol.
Well…. yes and no, people do have their phones but they are nowhere near the quality of some SLR or DSLR digital cameras. I understand that a lot of people want the photo right away, but that’s why now I Live-Instagram the event I am shooting. I can even have a gallery up and tagged with logos before I leave the club; that is if the client wants. We as professionals need to adapt to change and up our game, its a little harder now but we are still needed. Think of it this way; when u go out wouldn’t you rather have someone else get a few photos of you and your friends instead of taking poor quality cell phone selfies?

It seems everyone is a photographer nowadays, have you have to adjust your pricing to compete with these guys that will take pics for $100 or you bring an added value that these young guys can’t deliver?

There are a lot of them out there but you get what you pay for; I have lost a few clients here and there but most come back after they see the difference in the photos they are getting and the reliability of the photographer. I take more time and care in what I do and we have become one of the most reliable company’s out there. Quality Reliable Services we try offer are very important to us and I aim to satisfy all of my clients requests by trying to understand their vision and striving to provide satisfactory results.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to become a club photographer?

The best advice I can give is; if your shy or not a people person then it doesn’t matter how good your photography is, you need to be approachable and friendly.
You also need to enjoy it because it’s not something you will get rich from, for most photographers it is just a side job.


If any clubs need a photographers to cover their nights, how can they get a hold of you?

They can e-mail me,
or my direct line is (416) 854-2950
Instagram & twitter @clubcatcher

Moses Sousa the ClubCatcher


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