Now that another successful Electric Elements Festival has come to a close, we tracked down one of the partners, Tom Traikos, who also happens to be the manager of Fiction Club in Toronto to recap for us.

Electric Elements has always had one main focus. To be Canada’s largest May 2-4 event. Five years ago an idea to bring an event of this caliber came about. With the growing EDM market we found no better place to host it then the Town of Wasaga. Year in and year out thousands flock to Wasaga Beach through the summer long weekends and with Victoria Day weekend being the first, it made perfect sense. Partygoers are given the opportunity to kick off their summer with the best experience possible – seeing talent from around the world right by Canada’s largest fresh water beach.


Heading into our third year we couldn’t be more excited. The team has developed so much since inception. There are so many aspects of the show that many are unaware of. Production, marketing, operations, sponsorship and of course, the artists! Luckily we have individuals involved who are dedicated to providing their best efforts. The year long planning really kicks into high gear the month leading up. We are building a venue from scratch, so you can imagine how important and crucial it is to have every minor detail on point. And with us extending our layout this year it made it that much more difficult to ensure that we were not only operationally functional, but that it provided the best experience for our partygoers. Set up begins days before the event with production crews building our even BIGGER stage. From then on we outline the perimeter of the event space and begin executing our floor plan. Everything is pre set, down to the inch. every tent, washroom, bar, and vendor. This year we introduced two brand new additions. The elevated VIP area (stunning view of the stage and the beach), and a play land park which included many attractions.
Fortunately the weekend went extremely well. We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the fantastic responses pouring in from those who attended. I can’t stress enough how our main priority has been to deliver the best possible festival experience. In the years to come we will continue to develop and perfect Electric Elements so that it remains a staple in the festival community. I’d like to thank the Town of Wasaga for the opportunity they gave us many years ago and of course the EE team who makes this all possible – you know who you are.
Tom Traikos

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