It’s not easy to discuss publicly the life of someone who works in the industry, but to not mention the life of someone who made a difference in many people’s lives should always be spoken about. Nima was different than anyone you would meet on the street, he didn’t care from what walks of life you came from, he would gladly put out his hand to someone and shake it. He was a strong believer that life had a meaning and that everyone had a true purpose. No matter if he was working security or enjoying a night out on the town, he had that aura of a good mannered individual that always had his heart out for those around him.

I personally met Nima in late 2001, at a club in downtown. Nima was never hard to miss, a tall guy with this genuine personality that people easily took to. At the time we met, I was surrounded by friends dancing and joking around. Nima made his way to circle and gladly like always put out his hand and introduced himself. I quickly noticed that he had strong etiquette and was a down to earth person. I instantly introduced him to my circle of friends and everyone took liking to him. At the end of the night we again bumped into each other waiting for the bus on the corner of Bathurst and Adelaide. He asked me where I was heading and told him back to Vaughan, he chuckled and said he was also heading in the same direction and we rode the bus back and formally spoke the entire ride back. From that day forward we became good friends and stayed in touch.


The tragedy of the passing of Nima came at one of the oddest times on Friday night. I was out downtown at a club and had told Nima earlier in the week I would come pass-by his current club  on Bathurst-King. At 2am something told me to check my phone and I was instantly shocked to find out he had passed away earlier that same day. I was mortified and left the venue in partial tears and drove home realizing another good person was taken. I could not believe that a couple days prior we were laughing and talking.

In that last conversation that l will ever have with my friend, 3 days before his passing. He talked again about life and his new found goals and what he was hoping to achieve. He spoke highly of so many people in the industry and their accomplishments and how he wanted to continue building his own business. He was on the right course to grow his own footprint and was driven to continue his success. He remembered also of all the people who helped him along the way and of those also lost. His morals were always to make peace with those he had become distant with and one person in particular who he considered was once his closest female friend. He wanted nothing more than to reunite a friendship with her and to make sure she was doing well with her new found passion and career. I promised him, I would try and reach out to her, as we were all mutual friends. Sadly Instead of being able to help with his wish. That Saturday morning I had to do one of the saddest things I ever had to do in my entire life, I broke the news to her that he has now passed away.

Nima was an inspiration to anyone who wanted to be something in life. He wasn’t just a security guard at night, but a paralegal during the day. He was a husband also to his beautiful wife and father to his adorable 2 year old daughter. He genuinely cared about those around him and just wanted to make sure everyone was happy and secure. He gave his life every weekend to make sure patrons who came to any venue he worked at, had a good time and made sure before they left they knew his name. He was a class act and will always be remembered by so many for his smile and kindred spirit.

Nima may you rest in peace and remember you had many friends that you are leaving behind. Some you may have just met recently and some that have been there a lifetime. You will always be remembered for your kind heart and your memorable traits. Your family shall always know that your friends will have your back, even now that you’re gone. To anyone reading this, know that this world has lost another good soul. Take a moment to realize how precious life is and remember how a simple call to anyone, can mean so much and sadly the next day they could be gone.

You’re truly missed and shall be remembered.

Nima Hosseini – August 25, 1986 – May 27, 2016

– Submitted by Brock

Nima Hosseini Funeral will be tomorrow May 31 ,Tuesday 1 pm at the Islamic Iranian centre of imam Ali
120 Bermondsey Rd, Toronto, ON M4A1X5

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