A Letter was sent out to students this week warning students that homecoming was moving 3 weeks later.

“As Western’s President and as a parent,” began a letter from Amit Chakma sent out Tuesday, notifying alumni that homecoming for 2016 was being moved to Saturday, Oct. 22, after an annual street party had become an “unsafe environment attracting as many as 10,000 young people,”

The letter said people with “criminal histories” busloads of students from other universities and high-school-age youths had attended the riotous party held the last few years on Broughdale Ave., adjacent to the university.

“We had 11 ambulances and six serious incidents last year, One student who had an allergic reaction, one person impaled (on) a fence, another fell off a roof, several sexual-violence situations. I would say it was extreme.”

The wild party was “one thrown beer bottle” from becoming a full scale riot.

“We don’t necessarily have the perfect answer,” the rep said, but she said all stakeholders, including student councils, police and local health care officials, agreed that the move should be made.

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