We sat down with Scot Johnson of Exotic Lifestyle to give us the scoop of his latest addition to his fleet. A 60 ft yacht!

What gave you the idea to do this?

I got bored of renting Ferraris and wanted to get something that floats… Seriously though, they have this in Miami, LA, NYC, and all over Europe. I figured why not try it here in Toronto as well.

Who is your target client?

Everyone and anyone. While it is great for the Pool Party crowd, there has already been interest for small corporate bookings, birthdays for young and old, bachelor/bachelorettes, and even intimate dinners for two.


How are you planning on getting the word out?

Advertising on Torontonightclub.com of course!  You guys have my target market on lock.  I’ve done my research.

The price you’re planning on renting this out doesn’t leave you with much of a profit margin, what made you decide to keep it affordable and not something just for the rich?

The price was really dictated by what they charge in Miami, minus about 25%. Our goal is to book the boat out steady, and you don’t do that by making the price point unattainable.

Walk us through the steps of what someone would expect once they book the yacht.

Once the date is set, and a pickup location is established – everything is taken care of from an operational stand point on the boat. This is what you call Bareboat charter – meaning you are getting the boat, and you pay for the captain and fuel separate. Food, drink, servers are up to the booker to provide, but we can coordinate for them if they wish.

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When you book the yacht, does it go on a set route around Lake Ontario or does the person booking it have a say on where to take them?

You pick the route. So long as it is safe for the crew, guests, and the boat – we’ll go wherever the time booked allows. The boat is capable of doing 55 KM/H, which could get you to Hamilton in back during a single cruise, but most guests just want to stay in the Toronto area.

Can they dock it somewhere cool and invite people on it?

If we can safely get a slot at a dock then they are free to bring on whoever they wish, so long as we don’t exceed the capacity.

What are the limitations in terms of the amount of people they can invite and is alcohol permitted on board?

20 guests are permitted total, plus our crew of 2. Alcohol is permitted, however we have to be anchored, or docked for it to be consumed.

How can people check the available dates and book it?

Give us a call at 647.874.4623, or visit www.ExoticLifestyle.ca


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