We sat down recently with Cyrille B, owner of STUDIO Event Theatre (affectionately known as “#SETonKing”) to discuss the upcoming 3 Year Anniversary Celebrations taking place Friday, August 26th & Saturday, August 27th at 333 King St. W. in Toronto.

Your club is turning 3 years next weekend, did you think you’d make it this far when you first signed the lease?

Well Richard, I guess it was always the plan to go the distance.
I think every business opens with the starry-eyed optimism of making it a success. Having a plan, a strong support team, the financial leg strength to weather the storms and a positive outlook is crucial.

I’m thankful for the strong network of friends and family that have shown love for this project and been in our corner to see us through to this milestone.

How has the area changed in the 3 years you’ve been on King St just east of Peter?

Major changes have taken place to our area over the last 3 years. Condo development in the area continues building the skyline upwards. Perhaps when it’s all said and done it will be a benefit but in the meantime it creates challenges but you just have to roll with those punches and make it work despite.

Our neighbour, the old “Verona” restaurant building was torn down and a massive 50+ storey condo is slated to be our new neighbour in 2018.


What do you think will be key to getting another 3 years of success at #SETonKing?

I strongly believe the 3 keys to survival & thriving in our industry are recognizing the shifts in the paradigm, adapting favourably and following through with your evolution to deliver on point what your customer’s changing tastes are.

Sounds relatively simple but it requires insight, creativity, teamwork and execution on all levels.
Luckily I am blessed with a good team of great people around me and a work ethic instilled by my parents that drives me.

Do you have any plans to rebrand/renovate the space any time soon?

to stay current and relevant we have been steadily upgrading the space each year to allow for greater corporate client and customer user experiences. We have some exciting plans for the space coming up… keep an eye out for what we have in store 😉


Congrats again on the milestone. IT really is a huge achievement in this day and age and especially on King St.

Thank you, Richard and thank you to the TNC team for being a part of our success to date!
Looking forward to celebrating the milestone with our fans & friends this weekend!!

Friday we have a great team putting on the #SETturns3 celebration with special guest DJ WIkked with residents Frank Vinatra & Sparka

Corona will be sponsoring the event along with Grey Goose and Ninjoints

Saturday I’m hosting friends for an exclusive evening sponsored by Grey Goose, Stella Artois & NINJOINTS, with music by Down With Webster’s CAM HUNTER & Percussion by the amazing Emerson Taveres.
Resident Richard Silas will be rocking the decks and our friend DJ T.O will be spinning a birthday set and doing and showcasing his fashion label Generation6

friends are encouraged to RSVP early to ensure room on the guest list at rsvp@setonking.com or through our fanpage at www.facebook.com/setonking


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