In case anyone hasn’t heard yet, you are a new partner at Fiction Nightclub, can you let us know how that opportunity came about for you?

I’ve been in the hospitality and entertainment business for about 8 years. My current partner was actually one of my early mentors. He brought me into Fiction as management two years ago and now we are partners.


Are you planning any big renovations or concept changes for Fiction, Or are you just keeping things moving since you’ve been at the club in a promoting and managing capacity for a few years now.

Things are going great as is. We have no major renovation plans as of now. We’ll see where we are at in a few years and if changes need to be for us to remain competitive then we’ll do it.

Your business involves constantly being on top of current trends and creating new ones and resonate with the mainstream demographic, how do you do it?

I think it’s a lot simpler then that. People love to go out. The social aspect, the letting loose and of course those memories of long nights with friends. If you’re in the business of catering to that then really all you have to do is create a clean, organized and engaging atmosphere.


What is the core passion for you in doing this? What drives you?

There’s really no better feeling then creating something that people enjoy. Bringing people together and seeing how they interact when their out of their shell is something special.


What would you like your friends and patrons to know about your new venture as partner at Fiction? How can they book a reservation or get on guestlist?

They can visit   All reservation information is clicks away.


Thanks for your time Tom Im sure the past few days have been hectic for you between this and preparing for next year’s Electric Elements  we appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us to give the city an update.


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