What a time to be alive!  Two of the GTA’s icons in the club industry, the longest running nightclub (27 years), and the longest running Promoter (23 Years), together for a one time event.  When we got word of this, we had to sit down with the owner of Blue Suede Sues, Daniel P, and the owner of B&A Promotion, Bill K and see what took so long for these 2 to combine forces.

You both have been throwing partners since the late 80’s. That’s combined 50 years of clubbing experience between you 2; many marriages in this day and age don’t even last that long. What’s the secret to lasting this long as both a nightclub and an event promoter?

Bill: First we loved what we created!
Our respect for the people & the industry has always been the same all the way till today!
We were humble & never spoiled when we had 5 parties in a week & we are happy & content when we just have 1 party in a week!

Daniel: I truly believe that one of the main parts of the secret is keeping your customers happy, especially your regulars, a lot of clubs start getting popular and they forget the reason why they got that way, they start charging crazy cover charge, high drink prices etc, I believe this turns off a lot of patrons. I also think the other main ingredient is to keep the parties fresh and always give the club a feel of a true party.
You’ve seen many clubs come and go in the time you’ve been throwing events every week, what do you think kept them from having the longevity that you have had in the scene?

Bill: Being very knowledgeable of all the dance music of the past & evolving musically & appreciating all the scenes with every decade make you always ready for any change in the nightlife!

Daniel: Again I think that it’s never a good idea to take your clients for granted, and we also pride ourselves on being very creative and original with our events. Or as I like to say,,” I think outside the Bar” as you’ve seen and as many in the GTA have seen.. Blue Suede Sue’s is known for having very original events, and often First of a kind or one of a kind events.


What’s your philosophy when it comes to finding the perfect event for your club?

Daniel: My philosophy is simple, WHAT will my customer like, and at the same time what event will bring new clients that will blend nicely with our regular patrons and our regular nights. We always try to cater to a mature, fun clientel. And as everyone knows Billy of B &A does the same so I think this partnership was a no brainer and truly a long time coming.


Club promoters are a dime a dozen, especially in this day and age where the industry is saturated with them. What was so different about you guys that separated you both from everyone else?

Daniel: One thing I can say with complete honesty is that I really promote my events in a “hands on “ kinda way. Not only do I do all of my own social media, I also believe in the old school, personal touch. Many people will tell you that they’ve actually received an email directly from me, or a personal message, or even a phone call to invite them to my events.




What is the core passion for you guys in doing this? What drives you both?

Bill: What drives me is truly loving people & the scene!
Its not a part time thing to me, its a way of life!
I grew up in this industry from a young barback to bartender to DJ/MC & then promoter/host & also owner for awhile!
So I know every aspect of this industry.

Daniel: I think our passion really is the true enjoyment of giving the people a night to remember, and being social, being part of the event, party of the ambiance, and mostly creating great memories.


What are some things that you notice that young entrepreneurs today don’t get? Do you have any advice for them?

Bill: Some of the young up & comers just look at the dollars & dont have the passion for the industry or the love for the people!
They look at ppl only as a number, not a person with a name looking to be appreciated & acknowledged.
People want to go out & have a good time, owners/promoters should be thankful when they do!

Daniel: I think the core of young entrepreneurs is that they try to CHANGE the wheel immediately. You don’t have to change it, just evolve with it, and keep the fundamentals of what’s worked in the past as guidelines to long term focus.


Why did it take so long for Toronto’s longest running venue and Toronto’s longest running promoters to link up and do an event together?

Bill: It took awhile to meet up with Daniel, only cause of the distance & the different market we each have.
I have always heard friends of mine say Bill, Daniel is just like you, you should do a party together. For years I heard it over & over so finally we chatted, met & set up this Halloween Event!

Daniel: I think that It’s just a matter of right time, right place, and the right event, I’ve known about Billy for years, and I’ve had friends, customers, staff talk to me about doing events with B&A.. and He’s heard the same about doing events with me at Blue Suede Sue’s. and finally all the cards are in place to MAKE HISTORY


What can people expect at this Fridays Halloween jam at Blue Suede Sues with B&A?

Bill:  What people will see this Halloween Friday at Blue Suede Sue’s, first a nightclub thats been around for 27 Years, a promotion company in B&A thats been around for almost 24 years!
An Owner , A promoter with the same passion for the industry, the same love for the people, to give the crowd a night like no other, & this night will be a night full of hits of the past, a night full of the knowledge of two guys so long in this industry!!! & As I always have said before any B&A party… WATCHOUT!!!


Daniel: Halloween Friday – will truly be History in the Making – an event over 20 years in the making, its’ going to be Slammed, jammed, Rammed, and most of all the most amazing Halloween party Ever in the GTA.  This will be the only place to be on Friday night Oct. 28. – the mother of all Halloween parties, with an Old School Twist.. – it will really be PanDEMONium.


Thanks for your time guys and I have to say that event will be memorable for anyone in attendance! Good luck and hopefully we can expect more things from your collaboration!

Bill: Thank you TNC.

Daniel: Thanks for the interview guys!



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