Thanks for agreeing to this interview George, once we heard about this new career move for you, we had to get the details and what it means for the city of Toronto.

Well thank you Richard its a pleasure and honour to have this opportunity


Just in case anyone hasn’t heard yet, what exactly is your new position with NRG, the city’s top Nightlife Promotion team the past 2 years?

– I’m thrilled to announce I’m the new director of special events for NRG lifestyle and for my first project I would like to announce a new expo concept for Toronto called the Ultimate guys expo scheduled for end of March 2017. This show will be held at exhibition place with over 60 000 square feet of all things guys love! from vendors to shop to live shows & celebrity meet and greets!  It’s a full weekend of all things guys love like Cars, Models, Sports, Fashion, Fitness the outdoors and hobbies!  This show will change the landscape of how we view expos and actually cater an expo to the everyday man.


Do you have plans to do more than 1 of these per year, or any other large scale expo type events with another theme?

– yes I have plans for some specialty shows and also looking at doing some great things in entertainment for Toronto that will be something new for everyone to enjoy

Who’s idea was this? We know you do alot of things together with NRG, but did you approach them with this idea, or did they approach you? We know you spearheaded an adult expo a few years ago so Im sure you already had clout in the industry of being able to put something like this together.

I reached out to NRG CEO Nick Regina for a meeting with an idea, and as the conversation grew the idea took on a life of its own and became an actually position in his company and gives me the opportunity to do some great things as well as create a NEW division for NRG lifestyle.


We know at your other side project, Destiny Wrestling, you’re a one man show and wear all sorts of hats to make it one of the most successful independent wrestling shows in North America, will you be doing it all for this new project or have you assembled a team to help you out?

– the Destiny wrestling project is doing very well and is currently top 3 ranked shows on Fibe TV1.  I am also in the works of going international with Destiny doing live shows in the states and IPPV as well, that being said it is a lot of work wearing so many hats so I have been given a staff to help me at the NRG office and as this department grows so will its employees and we will flourish together.



From NRG’s perspective, are they just looking for a few new events per year to be apart of, or have they relayed to you that this is a permanent division for them that you will be spearheading?

– this division was created to help catapult NRG in a new direction! We all agreed that it is important to be diverse and do new things in order to develop as a company and brand so this new position has long term goals and a lot of great opportunity for the company




While I have you here, can you describe what a typical week consists of for you? You have this new project, MC’ing across Ontario, and Destiny Wrestling, your day must be a constant battle of phone calls, meetings and little time for yourself.

– lol yes it’s a hectic day as I start off as always with a GOOD coffee then I work out of the NRG head office. Dealing with and creating a template for this upcoming expo as well as some other special attractions. The evening I spend working on Destiny as I am the producer of all the shows and TV program and it can be quit the undertaking and for the weekends I still host the current NRG managed venues Bloke and Same for the clubbing crowd and have to say even though it sounds like a lot of work I would not change a single thing!
Thanks for sitting down with us George, your new position must be taking up alot of your time and we appreciate you giving the city an update.

It’s my pleasure and thank you Richard for using your social platform to help us entrepreneurs do what we love!  Hope everyone gets a chance to experience the Ultimate Guys Expo coming this March 2017



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