Its a question we’re seeing alot from our readers so we went out and gathered the facts for you.

First of all, the Government of Canada intends to bring the proposed Cannabis Act into force no later than July 2018. At that time, adults would be able to legally possess, grow and purchase limited amounts of cannabis. This would mean that possession of small amounts of cannabis would no longer be a criminal offence and would prevent profits from going into the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs.

To deter criminal activity, the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that there is a legal supply of quality-controlled cannabis available for sale when the Act comes into force.

Upon coming into force, adult Canadians would be able to purchase cannabis from a retailer that has been authorized by the province or territory to sell and distribute cannabis. In those provinces or territories that have yet to authorize retailers, adults would be able to purchase cannabis directly from a federally licenced producer by ordering online with secure delivery at home by mail.

There is also a prohibition against providing or selling cannabis to youth;  therefore, all ages events are off the table.

Minimum age is set at 18 nationally, and provinces will set their own age restrictions.  Our guess is Ontario will put it in line with alcohol restrictions and it will be set at 19 here.

So we reached out and asked specifically: 

Will Canadians be allowed to consume cannabis in places like nightclubs and bars, or at music festivals? and we received the following answer.

“Under the proposed Cannabis Act, Ontario can at its sole discretion set additional restrictions and local requirements related to cannabis, including restricting where and how cannabis may be consumed.”

It sounds to us that the Canadian government  is leaving it up to the Ontario government  to decide if Nightclubs and Bars will be allowed to sell it.  You wont be able to smoke it inside the club as legislation will be similar to smoking bylaws in place but you MAY be able to buy it like you can cigarettes.  They have until July 2018 to come up with a plan on whether you can order a joint with your rum and coke.

Stay tuned!

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