We reached out to Sophie Regina, former Best Server Winner at the Toronto Nightclub Awards and Jade Regina a nightclub server as well and sister to Nick Regina, head of Toronto’s Premier Nightlife promotion company about their new venture together, Lengths.

So what is this new company about?

Lengths. Go the ‘Lengths’ to give back to yourself. Lengths offers premier Hair-Extensions and Eyelash-Extension services. It’s not just a studio, salon, beauty bar – or whatever you’d like to call it. It’s a place where you can go to relax, treat yourself and have a coffee

How do you feel your company will improve the industry and bring something new to the table that will seperate yourself from the rest of the industry?

Just as we did in the nightlife… we’re bringing heart to the game. We are offering these services so we can help you feel more beautiful than you already are. We have worked hard to create this atmosphere where it’s warm, it’s fun, and it caters to every type of woman. Personally, I’ve never felt very comfortable in these elite beauty bars. Rather than feeling myself and beautiful, I’ve felt insecure and as though I didn’t belong. Why? Well, because there is such a focus on looking the part. We feel as though Lengths has “no type”, come one-come all!

How did you two meet?

We met through Nicholas Regina, almost 10 years ago. The first time we met, Nicholas and us had a shot together at our kitchen island – “Cheers to love, and life!” Ever since, we’ve been loving life hand in hand. There isn’t a thing we haven’t been through together, and it’s the day old tale – not to get into business with family… We tend to disagree. Sure there are times we see things differently, but it is about respect and compromise. Respecting each others differences. We’ve learnt that one from Nicholas, he has operated his business for years on one principle, family. Being family, you respect each other, you love one another, and now we’ve chosen to become business partners, which is something we are super excited about!

What are some of the traits you’re looking for in people to add to your team?

I mean besides the obvious, honest – helpful – and happy. We want people who are real. Just be you, and come along for the ride. Lets tackle this one together. A team isn’t a team unless everyones in it together.
What was it that made you feel this was going to be your next chapter in life?

We just believe it was the right time in both of our lives to venture into something new. Into something we’ve both always loved and enjoyed. We were always this untouchable tag team in the club. The two of us were in sync, we didn’t have to say much – we both knew our next move. Together, this happened. It happened so efficiently we actually turned to one another at a point and said “Wow, this is actually getting done.” Unknowingly every step has brought us to this next chapter… We’ve had a lot of great support as well. Our family has really given us reason to feel proud of our work. At this point in this chapter, we are constantly devoting what we have to our business, what’s to come is going to be a result of the time we have put into this.

How do you think being a server will help you in this business?

I can’t say enough about how the industry has given us such a head start in this business. It gave us people skills, business pointers, time and efficiency – and its allowed us to meet some amazing and talented people along the way. With all this in mind its lead us to create this business we can now call our own, and with a steady foundation. One we were able to create through serving and catering to costumer service.

Will you still be working as a server or this new project will take up all your time?

Only time will tell. Right now were focusing on building our clientele and perfecting our business, while still working other jobs. Success takes time and hopefully one day, Lengths can be our primary place of work. This is our main goal so currently we’re working on building our company, so one day this can be achieved.

What are you looking forward to most in this new project?

I think we can both agree that what we are looking forward to the most is coming into work everyday and just genuinely loving our jobs. Loving our job, our clients and having the opportunity to work together to make someone feel beautiful. What more can a girl ask for!

Are there plans to open any new locations?

Right now we are solely focused on building this new business. As for the future hopefully one day we can expand Lengths and branch off into other sectors of the beauty industry. We’re hopeful that with both our innovative ideas and strive to succeed, that our company will grow weather we keep one location or choose to expand.

Are you open now or when is the opening? Can you let people know any details to make appointments?

Yes we are open and in full effect! We launched Lengths at the end of March and have been open for about a month now. We are flexible with scheduling so feel free to contact us at any time of the day. Appointments can be made by emailing, lengths01@gmail.com

For a look into our work in both Hair & Eyelash Extensions check out our instagram @Lengths_

We look forward to seeing your work all over the city and make the beautiful women all over the GTA look even more stunning! Thanks for your time and we wish you the best of luck!

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