OMG, I don’t know about you, but pancakes, drinking and partying go hand in hand like…  drinking, partying and pancakes… lol  Can you imagine not even having to wait to leave a club to get your fill or wake up in the morning and going through all that trouble to make them?  Now imagine it being FREE!

LUXY Nightclub (60 Interchange Way, Vaughan) is serving up Free Pancakes this Saturday from 2:30am to 3am with the help of their beautiful staff to take care of anyone that comes through the club.  We contacted the nightlife marketing manager for Luxy saturdays,  and asked them what made them think of doing this and they said “Pancakes are fun.  Clubs are fun.  We love both.  We took both and said, ‘What the hell! … let’s give them pancakes!’.  They also added, “We loved going for pancakes after the club for years and what better way to sober up than a pancake to absorb your bottle service night out lol … some call it crazy.  We call it CLUBCAKES!”

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