The 2018 Ever After Music Festival will be turned down a notch.

With last year’s EDM festival drawing over 100 noise complaints in three days, Kitchener City Council is now taking steps to reign in the music.

The city’s bylaw division says noise complaints skyrocketed during last June’s event, which brought up to 40,000 festival goers to Bingemans.

In response, council has approved a significant decrease in allowable noise levels coming out of the venue from 65 to 55 db, which experts say should result in a 50 per cent quieter weekend for residents.

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic says it’s time the city takes steps to reconnect with the community.

“What are the steps we need to take to build good will with the community again, so that we can see all of these events be successful and not see a potential negative backlash.”

In addition to a quieter festival, this year’s Ever After will also be an hour and a half shorter, wrapping up Sunday night at 9 p.m.

Bryan Levesque 570 News

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