When one of the world’s greatest DJs and music producers comes to town for a performance, you definitely know that it’s going to be huge party. On Monday May 21st (Victoria Day), Tiësto returned to Toronto to perform live at the city’s premier daytime venue Cabana Pool Bar. Tiësto electrified the patrons of the venue with an exceptional set which included his new collaboration single “Jackie Chan”.

Many who showed up on Monday were long-time fans of Tiësto but there were also those who were seeing him for the first time.  The ages in the audience varied from the 20s to the 40s. Many of the older fans who used to listen to him back in the 90s, remembered him for his trance music. His set at Cabana included some of his greatest and most well-known hits. The special long weekend event featuring Tiësto was the perfect outdoor kickoff party for the 2018 season. Tiësto usually visits Toronto (at least once a year) and it’s usually at Cabana Pool Bar that you can find him spinning. He was at Cabana back in 2015 and 2017 DJing for some big summer parties.

There’s no denying that Tiësto is the one of the greatest DJs, if not the best, that has ever walked this earth. Being in the music and club industry for decades (since the late 80s), has made Tiësto a household name in both North America and Europe. Even if you don’t listen to today’s Dance music, there’s a good chance that you know who he is or have heard of him at least once in your life. His name dominates the huge and vastly popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene which is a global phenomenon today.

Tiësto is constantly in the entertainment news and makes headlines in all the cities that he plays in. He is just one of the few 90s DJs who have made the successful transition playing today’s current EDM music. His music is so popular, that it is played in clubs and festivals all over the world. Tijs Michiel Verwest  (Tiësto) was born in Breda, Netherland in 1969. His love for music began at the age of twelve and he began DJing at fourteen.  In the beginning of his career as a DJ, Tiësto used to play acid house at school parties and at local nightclubs in the Netherlands back in the 80s. In the early 90s, Tiesto turned his attention to hardcore techno or gabber as it’s known in Europe. For most of the rest of the 90s, he would play and produce trance music which was very popular in Germany, Belgium and in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands was the capital in Europe for hardcore techno and trance music in the 90s. Many great DJs and acts came out of this country during the early 90s including Tiësto. He produced many tracks on several record labels throughout the 90s and teamed up with other great DJs/producers such as Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren. Tiësto has also released several studio albums over the years which are: In My Memory (2001), Just Be (2004), Elements of Life (2007) Kaleidoscope (2009) and A Town Called Paradise (2014). He was named by Mix Magazine fans in a poll as “The Greatest DJ of All Time”. In addition, DJ Magazine readers also voted him as the “Best DJ of the lasts 20 years”. It should also be noted that many consider Tiësto as the “Godfather” of EDM.

Tiësto continues to make new music collaborating with other DJs to this day and tours all over the world drawing in enormous crowds wherever he goes. Throughout his ongoing career as an international DJ, Tiësto has headlined some of the greatest music festivals and parties in Europe and North America over the years. He even played at the Berlin Love Parade in Germany, which usually drew over a million people in celebration of techno, trance and electronic music back in its heyday in the 90s and 2000s. The Love Parade was a very rare chance for a DJ to play to such an enormous crowd, an honour which Tiësto and a handful of other DJs had an opportunity of having. You can name any major music festival or party in the last 20 years and chances are Tiësto has played it.

At Cabana Pool Bar, everyone was enjoying the spectacular atmosphere and the nice weather for the party that day. At one point in the day, it looked like it was going to rain, but that didn’t deter anyone from enjoying his music and the party. Tiësto was dressed all in black with sunglasses and he amazed everyone with his music and skills as a DJ. The party that day not only brought long-time fans but many in Toronto’s entertainment and nightclub community as well. Everyone knows that when Tiësto is in town at a party, it is THE place to be.

Some of the other DJs that played that day were Manzone and Strong. They opened the party at 1PM in the afternoon. Manzone and Strong have played in Toronto’s biggest nightclubs and have been a part of the nightclub industry in the city for decades. They are the resident DJs at Cabana Pool Bar during the summer season. Another DJ that played at the party was Dzeko. Dzeko is also a local Toronto DJ/music producer that has just collaborated with Tiësto on the new track called “Jackie Chan” featuring Preme and Post Malone. This new track was dropped at the party and everyone loved it! Dzeko and Tiësto were in the DJ booth while it was being played. Everyone crowded the front of the booth area and jumped up and down to what’s bound to be this summer’s huge hit. Tiësto continued to play and even stayed an extra hour until 7PM as his fans continued to chant “Tiësto, Tiësto, Tiësto!” Everyone just couldn’t get enough of the superstar that day.

There’s no doubt that Tiësto at Cabana Pool Bar was Toronto’s hottest party for the month of May. The party brought a huge buzz to the club scene here in the city. The party was a sell out and many fans both new and old got a chance to see the legend. His visits over the years have put Toronto on the international map as a global party destination. Other well-known DJs and artists come to Toronto as well, but Tiësto’s visits bring a lot of attention to this wonderful city of ours. It’s great that out of all of the places to visit, Tiësto continues to return to Toronto over and over again. Even if you missed Tiësto this time round, don’t worry, he’ll be back for sure. Tiësto loves Toronto, and we love him!


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