The province intends to expand alcohol service hours for licensed establishments to 4am all year round.

Hours of service would also start at 9 a.m., seven days a week allowing for people to enjoy mimosas and sangria for brunch events throughout the city.

“The government will continue consulting further on measures related to the additional extension of hours,” reads the budget. “These changes will improve choice and convenience, and provide more opportunities for businesses.”

In Toronto, last call is regularly extended until 4 a.m. for events such as Pride, Fashion Week, Nuit Blanche, Canadian Music Week,  and TIFF. Because this is Province Wide, you can expect Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara Falls to follow suit.

Not only that, but establishments will also be allowed to advertise happy hour discounted promotions and other drink related promos.

“We ran a petition years ago asking the province to allow for last call going beyond 2am and its great to see this finally happening.” said Richard D, President of “Some people think its a bad thing, but to me, this allows people to go home when they like as opposed to all at once at 2am. Have you tried grabbing a cab at that time? Its impossible.” “It also stops people from binge drinking right before the bar closes at 2am because its their last chance”

You can view the provinces budget changes in relation to drinking here.

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