We are hearing of a new form of nightlife coming to the city.  But we can’t quite figure it out.  Posters have been spotted across the city and an instagram account has emerged (@youcanloveHER), but what it is exactly … we aren’t quite sure.  All that we know as of now, is what the catch phrase says …   ‘There’s A New Girl In Town’.

Check out the cryptic audio teasing it

The venue is called HER and literally is branded by the mystery persona of an actual woman.  
Apparently some influencing heads have come together to form a monster.  We hear Tony Grossi from Rebel + The Pheonix and other famous venues, has partnered with a few other experienced nightlife creators to open Toronto’s first establishment with an adult license who will deliver something like E11even in Miami (@11miami).
This definitely seems like it’s never been done before in Canada, let alone in Toronto.  Although the location is said to be in the city’s west, which is the only place to hold HER apparently approximate 30,000 square feet and expected mega stars and celebrity appearances.
Opening in May 2019 … this one will be interesting and honestly might be the most epic thing outside of the downtown core we have ever seen just because it’s so large scale and done so different.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned as we get and receive more info.

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